Replica Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN VS GMT-Master II "Pepsi" 126710BLRO

Today, we will review two different Rolex replica watches. On the two different models on my left, we have a new type of submarine, which is model 126610. We will compare the reference number 126710BLRO on the right with GMT-Master II, of course , We will provide links to viewers in the instructions below so that you can view them individually, but we will compare the dial bezel, case, crown, and strap, and we will discuss the movement at the end of the video for you You will see that they all have very similar dials.

In a sense, they all use a sporty dial, which is called a maxi style dial. We go from one to two, three to three to four, and then there is a round hour marker, and then we have six Index hour markers at the o'clock and nine o'clock positions, as well as the triangular 12 o'clock position clock position hour markers. The hour markers and hands are made of 18-carat white gold, while we use Mercedes-style hour and minute hands. , Just regular long minute hands, and these are stylish 18-carat white gold and different minor tunes. The difference lies in the text type of the replica watch. Of course, we will provide the diver style at 6 o'clock. Because the diver is a diver's fake watch, we list the water resistance below 300 meters in the name. Both perfection cloned watches have 1000 feet. A date display window, at three o'clock, there is a single eyeglass on the top of the sapphire crystal, you can see the hump on the crystal. To facilitate magnification, the date is displayed in Greenwich Mean Time, but there is a red extra hour hand at 12 o'clock, which has a good contrast with red and pops out of black.

Replica Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN

The blackness and luminosity of the dial are triangular, so you can now read the extra hour hand at 9 o'clock, especially the submarine itself. Its function is very, very small, but you know your simple movement and your simple movement While the GMT is when you want to enter other functions and have more functions in the replica watch itself, if you like to play more functions, then GMT's, but maybe like the simplicity of a submarine, maybe Suitable for you, but overall, I will show you the luminosity of these two replica watches, so let me charge the luminosity and turn off the light box. We are uh, we have a chromaticity light display with a long lasting blue glow, color The board will glow in the dark for up to eight hours. The slight difference in brightness is of course at 12 o'clock. We have an additional hour hand on the gmt starting at 12 o'clock. An opposite triangle points outwards towards the triangle. The triangle points from the outside to the inside triangle clock position, so that the extra hour hand can be more easily observed. This has bright peridot on the submarine's peridot, while the gmt of gmt has nothing, it only has typical platinum dust. For the bezel, the triangular tip is only slightly different in luminosity placement, and then you can reopen it.

Rolex GMT Master II 16710 Coke 40MM Black Dial width=500

So another thing about these two replica watches is, what options do you actually have for these two knock off Rolex new watches 2020? There is not much choice, you either have a baseline submarine, that is, the black frame is painted black, we have actually restored the old style "16610" kermit, which is a green bezel with a black dial, so you can now be in the green bezel Get this submarine in, because the Hulk is no longer produced, so you can no longer enter the green dial. You can now switch the bezel to the green bezel. Well, Greenwich Master II. Another style of this replica watch is that the dial has not changed. This is called Pepsi again, actually because of the blue border. The blue and red features represent the color split of Pepsi colors, but another style you can use is called batman, or batgirl because of the jubilee bracelet, but it has a half blue and half black border , And then the blue blue does not actually match the blue dark blue color, but matches the lighter blue style, so there are not many choices for these styles of watches fake, but these styles of fake watches do not Too many choices are needed because they look great from your own point of view, and in most cases, you are just looking for simplicity and what you want is sportswear, or if you want a fake Rolex, It's a more stylish super clone watch for sporting goods.

Replica GMT-Master II "Pepsi" 126710BLRO

You may be looking for more datejust or datejust or other things, and we also provide a lot of comparison videos of datejust replica watches, so you can see which may be useful to you according to your own understanding, what you need to pay attention to, but no matter In addition to the main points, we will take a quick overview of the bezel. Now it is a black ceramic bezel again. This is also a ceramic bezel. It only has mid-tones of blue, blue and red. This is Pepsi again. Tone it in black and blue is the so-called Batman or Batwoman diver. You can only turn it into black and green. Now the functions of the baffle are different, and the diver is one-way. As you can see, you can move it to the left, but you can't move it to the right. You can only move it to the left. s is used to track passing Time, so you can set the paradox to the position of the minute hand, and track the elapsed time according to the platinum dusting index, the level number and the erer number, etc., and you can track the minute of gmt gmt to move it in both directions, making it move in both directions on the frame, An additional time zone for tracking er, as you can see, you can see the even number of er, and the odds of even number are the dot marks between each dot in Arabic numerals.

Every Arabic numeral except 24 is a triangle, but the rest of the Arabic numerals are even numbers, so two four, six, eighty, etc., etc., used to track and add the elapsed time of other time zones, for example, you can say now It's 11 15 in London, you can move the bezel forward for seven hours, one, two, three, four, five, six, and you can track the time. The same is true in the Philippines, just look at the bezel so you can say, oh, My London time is now November 15th. The Philippines is earlier than the first seven hours, and then you know that it will be tracked from the fourth hour, but this is another interesting thing. gmt is because of the extra hour hand. If you really need to track the third time zone, then you can track the third time zone because you have a lot of meetings and you only need to fly the entire place. This is just a fun way, you can do it too, so again gmt has more functions and has the function to track other time zones, but back to the submariner, the reason for the one-way bezel is again , It is a diving replica watch, because it is a watch fake specially designed for sports. Through this thinking process, you know whether to track and know the estimated time of the oxygen cylinder.

Then you don't want to hit the bezel and misread and let the boat jump into a different position, and you just re-read the replica watch, but in this case, if you know you're going to do some crazy diving, then most people probably You can't actually do any diving with a submarine fake watch. It's just a matter of walking around and showing off it. You can also track other things, you can track the speed of a mile, or how long it takes to run nearby, or if The meeting is long, you can also track how long the meeting is. If it's a bit boring for you, but you know that is what you want to wash, but you can do something, but anyway, let's continue now Let's talk about the case. The case of these replica watches looks very similar in size, but the submarine has actually updated on the replica GMT-Master watches. The previous version was 40mm. When it was updated to this version, uh, it The size of GMT is also kept at 40mm, but its lugs have also become smaller, so you can see beautiful slender lugs and a slender case as well as a slender case, which is slightly slimmer for gmt , Because gmc of course has different complexity, which makes the case size a little bigger, I will show you from the side in the second second, but the submarine has now been updated to a 41mm case, so its size is the same as it is now The GMT is the same as 40mm, but now just an additional millimeter adjustment is made to the overall appearance of the replica watch, so our dial size is 41mm.

But the case itself has been updated to accommodate the thinner lugs, so the beautiful scale view matches the bracelet and becomes the side profile of the case. Move them to the side so you can take a look. As I mentioned, the case size of these two watches replica has been reduced by gmt. Because of the complexity of gmt, its movement is a bit larger than that in the submarine. , But you can now see a slim and slim case, so neither of these will have too high contours on the wrist. Both look very beautiful and polished very well. Together with the bracelet on the other end You can also see a very beautiful polishing effect on the fake watch. The sides of the two crowns, the crown, the crown and the black hole are adjusted to fit these two basic replica Rolex cases. Their streamlined design starts from the date of two days, that is, from two days to 41 o'clock the next day. But they are still 41 mm. If you like them, welcome to buy them at


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