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Today we're gonna b omega replica watches review e reviewing the super cool Omega 300 Spectre watch. This is a limited watch, so I'm really very proud to present this to you today and do a review on it. We're gonna do an unboxing, show you a little bit about how this watch works, why it's so special, what it comes with. Here's the watch itself. There it is, the Omega Spectre watch 300M. The model number on this is Let's start by looking at what it comes with. Usually it comes with this manual. This isn't specific to Omega, comes in a bunch of different languages. Usually has a warranty card that looks like such, and a pictogram that looks like such and a leather carrier that holds it. This being an Omega Spectre Limited Edition is gonna come in this super huge box and it has a combination on it. What do you guys think the combination is? 'Cause I forgot. Well, let's try 007. And, b 5 things to do in the spring with his replica watch am, of course it opens up. Let's see what this watch comes with. First, it comes with this very stainless steel strap. You can swap out the nylon NATO strap that you see here with the stainless steel that I have in my hand. This one's sealed because it's brand new so I'm not gonna take it apart. I'm going to point out a couple things, though. You'll notice here on the strap itself that it's engraved with the words 007. That's because this is a special edition. It sets it apart from the regular 300s that don't have this. Another cool thing that fake rolex day date presidentialI like, and I think most consumers think is quite cool, do you notice that the screws here, they're actual screws? Right where my finger's pointing? That's because before they were pins and now they're screws. It's more sturdy. It's more keeping with the times.

The texture being these circular marks all around the hour markers. As you can see, the hour markers are split. Half roman numerals from the 9:00 to 3:00 position, with the bottom hour markers around there are stick markers, or index markers. We have the outer track. The track's a 60 second cycle. At the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00, we have little squares that are actually luminescent dots. So, those glow in the dark. Along with these sword-shaped hands, are also luminous-filled, so they also glow in the dark. At the 6:00 position we have a large, silver subdial.

That tracks 60 seconds. At the 3:00 position we have the date window, or date aperture. That's pretty much it for the dial there. Moving on to the bezel now. The bezel is just a high-polished, convex-fixed rose gold bezel. As you can see as I tilt it, you can see the shape of the convex. Going downwards into the sapphire crystal. For the case, we're looking at a 42mm stainless steel case. So, from my index finger to my thumb, that's a 42mm-size case. From the side profile, we see that nicely brushed polish, with a thickness of about 14mm. On the other side, where the crown is, we also have the brushed polish with small highlights of high polish around the crown. The crown is a sapphire crown. And is a pull out crown. In this current position, you can wind the watch. Tug it out once and then you'll be able to adjust the date, as you'll see in the 3:00 position. It'll take two revolutions to change the date there. A final tug will start the second subdial, or the hack movement. That allows for precise time settings, such as, to an atomic clock, you replica watch sale can set the time exactly down to the seconds. While also in this final position, you can adjust the hands bi-directionally. Always make sure crown is nice and tight against the case, as it keeps this watch water resistant for 30 meters, or 100 feet. Alright. Moving on now to the bracelet. The bracelet's very unique hublot swiss replica watches bracelet. It's patterned with three rose gold center piece links, and then patterned with high polished links after each of those. And then it moves to the back of the case, which has two stainless steel center links with high polished links patterned in between. That goes for both sides as well.

Again, on this other side we have three rose gold links, two stainless steel links and then the high polished links in between each one. The sides of the bracelet are brushed steel as well. The clasp, a bit hidden, is a push button, double fold over clasp. As the name suggests, there's two buttons at the top and the bottom, you just press, and it releases the clasp. The clasp blade is just very basic, just brushed stainless steel. No markings on it. It closes both ways. Alright. So, let's go ahead and take a look at the back of the case. The movement now.

The back of the case is a exhibition case. Very flat, and it houses Cartier's in house made movement, which is the 1904-PSMC automatic mechanical self-winding movement. As you can see, very nice patterning on the movement there. Cartier name engraved on to the oscillator. I'm gonna actually go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist now. It's pretty simple. Easy. So, there's the watch on my wrist. Very beautiful dial. It actually sits very nicely on the wrist because of fake rolex explorer those tapered lugs. Tapered with hard taper that matches along the wrist very nicely there. As you can see. This bracelet does come standard as a 7.5" bracelet. As you can see, there's a little bit of room. I have a 7" wrist, so you can get adjustment with that. Anyways, if you're interested in this watch, or purchasing this model, or any other mtm special ops replica watches model for the lowest possible price, check out our website at, we have the lowest prices guaranteed, we offer free shipping and a one year warranty. And if you like the blog, please like, comment or subscribe below. Thanks for read, hope to see you guys soon. If you want to find out more about the watch you just saw on the blog, you can just click below on show more to see the full description, then you can check the link next to Model as seen in blog,

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Thank you for read.This is Watch Your Style. My name is Eric. Today, I'm going to do a review on the AP Royal Oak Offshore Carbon. As far as the Watch Game goes, I love this watch. This is one of those watches that you put on and..for the cocky guy that has the Day-Date II on, you're looking at him and you're saying, "I see your Day-Date II and I raise you in plastic." Pretty much...Obviously it's not plastic, but to the people that don't like this watch, and you're going to see it all in the comments, "Arrggghhh, it's too much money for a plastic watch!" Hey, I hear you. That's part of the replica audemar watch thing I like about it. I like that it's just bold and in your face. $25,000 for a pre-owned watch that looks like it's made out of plastic, but that's part of it. And that's why it makes it a heavy watch in the Watch Game. It's just not the type of piece you'll see everybody have. It would be a tough choice for me if I had to choose between a Day-Date II, yellow or rose, or the forged carbon, but it's probably not the watch I would buy if I had to choose between the two. It's probably the watch I would buy after I have the Day-Date II already. This is a watch that every time I show it to somebody at the store, specifically someone that's not asking for one, it's sort of a bit of a surprise just because, for the most, if you're not heavily into watches or follow the Watch Game, you just kind of don't understand how a watch that's looks like it's made out of mostly plastic, it's worth so much money.

Forged carbon, in case you don't know, it's pretty much just a whole bunch of layers of carbon. It's not like a carbon fiber which starts off in like rolex replica replacement watch bands a mesh format, but more like chunks of carbon that's pretty much impregnated with resin in a mold under pressure and heat. Now, I'm not going to get too detailed into the fabrication of the forged carbon, because I know some of you guys are aliexpress replica watch review going to have a total fit because I didn't sit there and get in a 10-minute blog on how to make forged carbon. But I'm giving you just a quick overview. It's different than carbon fiber. It's forged carbon. So back to what I was saying, some of you guys are not going to understand how a watch that's not even gold is that much money, but understand that to fabricate and m anufacture the case of this watch is a high cost, because a lot of them are scrapped. So out of so many amount that they might make and bake in the oven, a large amount of the watch store replica them is scrap, so there's a lot of waste.

But what you get is actually a very beautiful case that kind of has this...I almost want to say it has like a granite finish to it, believe it or not with the textures, but yet is very smooth. It's very smooth to the touch and, most important, it's extremely light. Man, I'm talking about this is probably the lightest watch you're going to wear and most of, obviously, the lightest watches in the market are carbon. So going over a little bit about the characteristics of the watch. It's a 44mm case and, if you've heard me say it before, AP says 44mm, but in reality the watch is a bit bigger. I for one, the stainless steel and the gold seem to fit a little bit too big for my liking, at least for my wrist size, but the carbon fits perfect. Very light watch. I can't seem to stress that any more. I wore one one time for a whole month. I just couldn't take it off. And when I went to put on a steel Offshore like this, it felt like it weighed 1000 pounds. It has a ceramic bezel, which is a very great upgrade. A very large, better said, upgrade. Some of the other watches replica rolex uk reviews in the past, like the Grand Prix, had that forged carbon bezel or the Elini, and it kind of was problematic. The carbon bezel can flake and stuff like that. Great change with the ceramic. It looks very good and it's also very durable.

Chronograph function, just like any of the other AP chronographs with the date. Automatic movement, rubber strap, titanium buckle. Very nice watch, very stealthy, so if you're looking for a very sporty watch, this would definitely be it. So with the retail price of roughly around $37,000, you could probably pick one up pre-owned for a minimum of $25,000. This is not a watch for obviously a beginner collector. But if you are in that market and you're capable of spending that much, this is probably going to be one of the most comfortable and best daily wears you'll ever have. If you can go around and get into that whole forged carbon trip, you're going to love it. It's so comfortable, so understated and, as far as the Watch Game goes, it's serious. So if you're looking to buy one preowned, I would say $25,000 would be kind of an area where you want to be. They can be a little bit more. Things you want to look at is the condition of the carbon, the carbon case. That's one thing that I want to stress. Carbon cannot be refinished. I'm sure you could send it to AP, and I know they could refinish it, but it's not like a steel or a gold watch where it can be refinished - so that's very important. The carbon has to be in good condition. Take a close look at the ceramic bezel as well. If it has any chips or deep scratches, that as well cannot be fixed. But if other than that it's fine, you're going to have a fantastic piece that I can guarantee you you're going to love. If you like this blog, don't forget to like and share. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!Hey guys this is Kevin from

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