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crown, bracelet, clasp, and we'll talk about the movement towards the end of the blog. Okay so as of May 2018 you can get this Audemars Piguet watch from our Audemars boutique for $17,800 plus ta x. Or you can get the Datejust 41 from a Rolex authorized retailer for $9,450 plus tax. Of course here at we always try to have the lowest prices anywhere online so give our website a thorough look-through for the most up-to-date pricing. Alright so let's go ahead and jump right into the dials. So the dial styles, specifically for the colors we have matching blue colored dials. Of course if you're looking for a little bit something different in either, or for the AP you're looking at the blue dial or black, white, gray. For Datejust, the Datejust you can purchase that in a blue, black, white, silver, or rhodium colored dial. Also if you're feeling a little more luxurious you can also have diamond hour markers in place of these index hour markers. Okay besides that, different style dials in terms of patterning. For the AP we have what they like to call the Grand Tapisseri patterning.

This patterning is smaller squares that patterns throughout the back of the watch. As you can see the small squares. But not only that, it sort of has a sunburst effect that the Rolex dial has as the Rolex dial just has a very simple sunburst dial. You can see that when the light hits that dial it sort of shines in different parts of the watch. And as you tilt it towards other light sources it has sort of that sunburst effect where it shines more brightly in other places. The AP also has that same style of sunbursting on its tapisserie patterning. For the hour markers we have index style hour markers for both the watches. For the AP opting to use a little more fashioning of their steel on the hour markers, whereas Rolex uses a white/gold fashioning on theirs. Rolex with their highly legible blue Chroma Light display that has long lasting blue luminescence. So a little bit fatter index markers compared to that what is the best replica watch. For the landmarks at the 12:00 position the AP has two index markers lined up together, whereas the Rolex has the Rolex crown, the Datejust has a Rolex crown logo at the 12:00 position. And that helps for an at-a-glance view to verify the time much more quickly. At the 3:00 position we have the date window. The AP just having that nice smooth crystal throughout.

It has a 72-hour power reserve. It's just like the Daytona. The stainless steel model is obviously more affordable than the yellow gold or white gold, or two toned versions of this watch, at a retail price of $18,750. While, these two watches are Rolex chronograph watches, they are vastly different from each other in the way that they look, and the size difference is definitely there. If you're a bigger guy who feels like Rolex watches are too small for your wrist. You might want to try this Rolex Yacht Master II at your local authorized dealer, and see if there's a good fit for you. You might just like it. Thank vacheron constantin geneve wrist watch new replica you for read. If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment below. If you're interested in buying this watch, or our other models for the lowest possible price, please check out our shop at We have a low price guarantee, we offer free shipping and a one year warranty, in addition to warranties you get from th hublot replica watches review e brand itself.

Thank you for read. This is Chris over at Replica Magic.If you are a Rolex Daytona enthusiast, you were just as excited about the new ceramic Daytona as we were, the only problem... is getting your hands on it! Luckily, we were able to get ahold of one of the beautiful white dial version for review. The Ceramic Daytona has had quite the reception into the watch world as a long awaited, highly sought after Rolex model. Stainless steel Daytonas are not as prevalent as other Rolex models to encourage sales of the more expensive gold or two-tone models. Additionally, the precious metal models sported innovations before the stainless steel models. For example, the rose gold and platinum model both sported ceramic bezels before their steel siblings. But, finally, the stainless steel Ceramic Bezel Daytona was released, and it is everything we could have imagined, and more. The Rolex Daytona is an are replica watches legal elegant watch with a polished case and slim profile. The dial, bezel and flat crystal gleam and sparkle in bright light due to no anti-reflective coating. But, this does cause glare, causing the watch to be incredibly hard to perfectly capture in certain lighting conditions.

Despite that minor flaw, we are in awe replica watch tag heuer carrera of the ceramic bezel. When replacing the bezel with a ceramic bezel, it not only prevents scratches, but the legibility has also improved. Plus, it's much better looking. The bezel boasts are fake rolexes worth anything new features including a new design cartier tank replica watches where the numbers are horizontal to follow the round shape of the dial with a new application process Rolex developed. Basically, they create awesome definition by contrasting platinum and black ceramic. The model houses the Calibre 4130 movement, which was designed to reduce the number of components in the chronographs, thus increasing reliability. The chronograph is accurate to 1/8th of a second. The movement also hosts a patented blue Parachrom hairspring - resistant to magnetic fields to offer stability and is 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring. It has a power reserve of 72 hours. The screw-down pushers remain despite the slight hassle they cause.

This beautiful Ceramic Daytona is available in both White or Black Dial, but again, getting your hands on one replica iwc watch may take some time. The fan favorite seems to be the white dial. Both dials sport a change in the rings surrounding the subdial. The white dial with black rings create a vintage, almost panda dial look. Even though it was released two years ago, best replica rolex uk reviews it is still a highly coveted model. The iconic design creates the perfect balance of old and new. Thank you for joining us for this review of the Ceramic Daytona. If you enjoy this kind of content, be sure to hit the like button, and hit subscribe as well oris fake watches as the notification bell so you don't miss an upload. citizen replica watches The strap that you are seeing on the watch is the Everest Racing Leather strap. You can find it on our website as well as straps for many other Rolex models. The link is in the description below. Thank you all for read. We'll see you next time.Hey guys, what's up? This is Kevin from and today I have for you one of Rolex's pieces that isn't too well know, but I feel like it should be and that is the Cellini Date. This is from Rolex's dress watch collection.

The model number for this is 50515, and man, I am very excited to show you guy stuff about this watch today because it's a very simple, to the point watch. Not only that, it is a gorgeous time piece that shines when just wearing it out whether it be casual, or for an important meeting. This watch will definitely be an eye catcher. So by the dial itself, it's very elegant as you can see here from the double bezel which is fluted on the outside right here and the dome bezle on the inner right here. And this is all set on a 39 millimeter case. And it has a sleek casting of 18 carat everose gold adorned on the case and hour markers, as you can tell there if I shine it in a light.

Look at that glisten. All right, it also has a subsidiary dial which is right here on the right which displays the date. And you would think with this dial, it would be a little bit busier, a little bit clustered, but actually Rolex made it very nice and kept it very compact and sleek. All right, so anther thing about the dial, the color as you can tell from the blog, it's a black dial with a guilloche tyle patterning. If I turn the watch here and I kind of shine it against the light, you can see that pattern right there. Perfect. And not only is this in black, but it also comes in white as well. The movement is mechanical, self winding movement which I personally prefer because after shopping this watch on, there's a certain satisfaction to giving this watch a good wind before starting the rest of your day. Kind of like having a cup of coffee in the morning. Not to say that you need to wind this watch everyday, as it does have an approximately 48 hour power reserve.

With this said, watch is COSC certified. Also, please don't take this watch with you swimming as it's only waterproof to the depth of about 50 meters, or 165 feet. Moving onto the strap is a simple embroidered stitched alligator letter strap, and yes, that is genuine alligator as it is embroidered there. And you also have the Rolex name right here. Here's the case as well. As you can see, it's fluted around the outside there. And this is just the dome casing. And it is a black leather strap, black leather alligator strap. Okay, the buckle itself right here is also adorned in that 18 carat everose gold. All right, let me go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist. replica rolex cellini So give me one second here while I do that. All right. Couple tries, there we are. Look at that watch. I absolutely love this watch. It's so very simple, yet it is actually a very refined watch. And if you do want to check out more of this watch, take a look at the link below or check out our website at And you can search the model number. Once again, that was 50515. And we guarantee the lowest prices with free shipping, and a one year warranty.

If you liked the blog, please like, comment, and subscribe below as we'll be putting out more blogs, and thank you guys very much for read. I hope to see you guys soon.Hello guys and welcome. Usually, I don't do watch reviews, but my previous watch review on movement replica and movement real watch was quite popular so I guess people like cheap watches. And That is main reason because I doing this review. This Tressa watch is mechanical watch and cost me only $5. Of course, these watches are more expensive but I was lucky and win this on auction. There is no much information about Tressa company on the web. I know only that Tressa is Swiss super replica watch company and they stop producing watches on 1986. So let's talk about out watch now. Like many vintage watches, the body of this watch is small. Compared to my MVMT it looks tiny. This is 17 jewels watch, you can read that here. This is real glass, not plastic and body of replica watches uk swiss movement the watch is stainless steel.

A strip of this watch is clearly not originally there is no branding here and feel new and very cheap. On the back side, we have Tressa logo and we can see that this watch is stainless steel and is waterproof. I already open this watch in past and there was a rubber gasket but I lost that. Shame on me... Now we looking for this beautiful u-boat replica watches movement. This watch is not accurate, it loosing around 2 minutes per day. But I think if I service this watch, will be much better. for $5 is totally worth. I holding in my hands a piece of history and is also vintage Swiss watch. Is not Rolex, but I love this watch. Thank you guys for read. Like I say, I don't do usually do watch reviews but please check my other blogs. I upload blogs every day, so stay tuned and hit subscribe button. Thanks.This review is gonna be on the new Daytona that was released in Baseworld 2017. Alright, they released this new Daytona, which it has subtle changes.

They finally dropped the same ceramic bezel that was on this model on the yellow version, which for me, as I said in the past, the whole ceramic bezel thing kind of added new life to the whole line. To the stainless steel models as well as now these yellow ones on a strap. And one of the most important features of these watches that changed is the new Oysterflex strap. And that is where the problem is for me. There's something about this strap that has these two little rubber gills, that just doesn't convince me. I like it. I've said it in the past that it took Rolex forever to finally incorporate a rubber strap and ceramic and gold and this and it's already been done. AP and Hublot led the game of ceramic, gold and rubber, but Rolex showed up in a very late, classy fashion, but the one thing that bothers me really, because this for example, this Paul Newman Daytona right here, with the Paul Newman dial, I like this one the best. I think this watch is stunning.

I love the rubber strap, but the problem that I don't like is these things down here. I just don't like them. I feel like the strap sits too high on your wrist and as crazy as this might sound, I had to fight this urge to get an X-acto knife and slice those right off! I think if I owned one of these watches, that's probably what I would do. Because, personally, I feel like the Rubber B, Rubber B brand, you know they make after-market straps for Rolexes, they fit good. It has a very similar look an perfect rolex submariner replica review d it doesn't have these flaps down here. Look guys, we can go over and over on the comments and the theory of why they put the rubber with the little flaps on the bottom. I just think it's ridiculous. There's really no need for it! Rolex can go around and come up with these abstract explanations and some of the purists can try to explain it to me, I just don't like it.

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I don't like the way it looks. I feel like it sits on your wrist weird and I've tried the Yacht-Master, for example, which is the first one with the Oysterflex, and I just can't do it! I feel like the strap sits too high. If any of you guy what is replica watchs feel the same way, let me know how you feel on the comments of this blog. I love the watches. This one with the diamonds, not so much. I think it's very sporty to have diamonds, so whatever, fine! Nevertheless, it's a cool watch. Oh, which by the way, this rose model that came with the leather strap, this is exactly what it needed.

rade value I traded this watch for to receive this watch I traded a different hair dirt that I had to me in my mind they both averaged a they had an average Bale value of probably $100 so to me that's more likely what this watch is worth more likely what I would be willing to pay for this watch if we want to take a look at who else is selling this watch and what they're actually selling for now my - I don't take you guys to Facebook groups to see what these are going for in a secondary markets because you know a lot of times I'm not going to be flashing around somebody else's name or different Facebook group names on a blog but you guys definitely if you're interested any of these watches before you go and buy from a website now unless you want to have a trouble-free very verified purchase with warranty the whole nine yards and possible replacement then go and buy from different establishment but if you guys are just looking to get a

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