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And in darkness it was impossible. So, this wasn't really practical, but it was a great start and it still looks super. But it gets us nowhere. So let's put it aside and turn to Rolex, to the year 1954/1955. The patent GMT Master - which stands for Greenwich Mean Time - A watch using a fourth hand, in addition to the hands for hours, minutes and seconds. A hand dedicated to a second valjoux 7750 replica watches time zone. Interesti gift a tag heuer replica watch ngly, this hand makes just one full turn a day, and is not being read on the dial, but on the bezel. Anonymously, so to speak. No city names, no countries. Just numbers so that every time zone can be set precisely in advance. It's great to know which time zone Karachi is. But it is far more important to know if you have four or six hours of difference, daylight savings time or winter. It can be easily read, even in darkness. So Rolex was contracted by PAN AM. PAN AM airlines had pilots going back and forth between Paris and New York. The company wanted them to be able to see both their local time and New York time at one glance. PAN AM went to Rolex and said 'create a sporty, waterproof, shockproof watch with a second time zone added.' And then this watch hit the market with a Bakelite bezel: The famous 6542 is an extremely wanted and beautiful watch. We are actually holding a great example in our hands. But Bakelite is extremely shock sensitive. Speaking of toughness. Rolex didn't really do itself a big favor during the first four to five years. But Rolex keeps developing everything, all the time such as the non existing crown protection. Pretty soon they stopped producing it. Around 1960/1961, I believe, Rolex dumps Bakelite, this sensitive plastic and advances to the next model, the 1675. A visually similar watch. This one with a nice tropic dial. From here on they come with an effective crown protection. The Bakelite has been replaced by a printed metal plate. Very appropriate. The watch had grown in diameter, too. Also, it was a little lower and not as sensitive as the Bakelite model which, however,

had a fascinating glow from below. Even today, if you hold a Bakelite one under a lamp, you will notice a slight glow. Radium. A highly radioactive substance. Correct. You better not put it in your mouth. Of course, this got lost with the metal bezel. The legibility has improved. The digits are bigger, and they arrived at blue and red. Later, bezels became available in black, too. Blue and red or black and blue in order to tell day from night. It was nicknamed Pepsi, because it looked like a can of Pepsi. Pepsi, Coke, Root Beer, there are plenty of nicknames. Pussy Galore. These nicks prove how popular the GMT has become, especially during the last five replica watch straps tag heuer to six years. Looking at the two early watches, early 60s, 1961 with a so called chapter dial and a 1675 from the late 70s. I still see a radium dial. It was dumped around '62 / '63, after the transition when Tritium was used, which was also radioactive, but weaker. The watches still look alike very much. But the GMT hand is bigger, the crown protection wider and more solid. The lacquer dial has been replaced by a mat one. Many details, evolving from year to year, which is very typical for Rolex, one could say. If we hold the very first and the very last model side by side it is clear on first sight that the design has been maintained.

The size has changed a little. Sixty years lie between these two. Surely mont blanc fake watches it is part of Rolex's success that the watches are instantly identifiable both as Rolex and as GMTs. Maybe this is also because the ceramics used today gleams like Bakelite rather than printed metal. It doesn't glow, though. The digits on the bezel are metallic. But it can still break. Just like Bakelite. We already had a broken bezel. Rather costly to replace. The old metal bezels used to be much tougher. Of course there were scratches and changes. We brought some bezels. That's nice. These altered colors are very trendy. Clients search between strong colors and totally faded shades. These bezels are rare and quite expensive. Exchangeable. Any concessionaire can switch bezel inlays in a moment. The watch looks very different, as soon as I put one on it. This is a so called ghost bezel. It looks quite cool. Like faded blue jeans with holes. A lot of people love it. Certainly one of the sexiest watches ever produced by Rolex. And with a bezel and a strap you can assemble a completely new watch. Unfortunately, one cannot order single bezels anymore. It used to be easier in the past. It dramatically alters the looks.Hey, guys, this is Kevin from, and today I have for you a very, very unique-looking watch. This watch is a Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Openworked Black Skeleton. This model number for the watch is 15305ST.OO.1220ST01. So before we start,

I'll be letting you know that we'll be doing an unboxing, reviewing the case, I'll show you how to adjust the time, along with looking over the bracelet and clasp. And at the end I'll give you the necessary information to find this watch for the lowest price. Okay, so buying this watch brand-new, you'll be receiving the watch, of course, this beautiful thing, and this large watch box, as you can see here. And unfortunately, the rest of the main box is too big to fight in my light box here. So underneath this watch box, you'll be receiving an information guide of how to take care of your watch, and also the warranty or the certificate of guarantee for the watch. And that will be located underneath the watch box. And let's see here. And another cool thing, a little cool thing about that is that Audemars Piguet does different type of stickers for showing authenticity of a new watch. Audemars Piguet does clear stickers on the front of the case, as located down here, up here. Rolex actually does red stickers instead. Audemars Piguet notes theirs on the back with a blue sticker. On the Rolex, it notes it with a green sticker. So a little interesting tidbit. All right, so let's move on to the watch itself. Okay, the case is a stainless steel 39 millimeter in width and a thickness of the watch is closer to about a nine and 1/2 millimeter. It may look like there's a lot going on in this watch, but this is the heart of the watch, which is a main selling point of the Audemars Piguet. The dial is an anthracite dial with a skeleton movement. And the anthracite refers to that beautiful coal-like color that you can see that's all over the front of the dial here,

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along with the markers and some of the parts itself. The skeleton movement refers to the ability to see the watch's inner components and their movements. As you can replica rolex diamond bezel see here, this wheel down here on the left, it's constantly spinning as a ticking little seconds hand. And the hands and the hour markers are in a 18 karat white gold located at the hour markers here. There's the hands. And they're all coated with a watch luminescent coating, meaning if you were to wear the watch out and come back home, the markers will glow up to eight hours. These components are all protected by a glare-proofed sapphire crystal. Moving on, on the right side we have the crown that's located at the three o'clock position, and it only has the function of adjusting the time bidrectionally. And I'll go ahead and show you that. S o you just have to move this counterclockwise to unscrew. It'll pop out once. And you need to pop it out one more time. And a litt le cool thing here is you can actually see how the movement works. So if you were to pull this, this little gear right here would stop the movement of that gear on the bottom left there. And then you just have to go clockwise or counterclockwise. It lets you adjust the time bidrectionally. And always make sure after you are done with what you need to adjust,

you screw the crown back down all the way. Make sure it's snug against the case. And it'll keep the watch waterproof, specifically for the skeleton. It'll be water resistant up to 50 meters or about 164 feet. Okay, so enough about the front of the case. Let's move on to the back. Let me just get into focus here. All right, so the back of the case is also openworked, showing additional parts of the watch you wouldn't be able to see if this was a regular case. There are actually 239 total parts in this watch in just inside this case alone, which is pretty cool. I've said that the movement of the watch is referred to as a skeleton movement, but it is a mechanical self-winding, meaning that this right here, this large weight right here, as you can see, if I were to tilt the watch left and right, it always points downward towards the ground because gravity is actually pulling this weight down. It's called a oscillating weight.

And as you're walking and this is on your wrist, as you move, that weight will always try to keep itself pointing towards the ground. And that actually gives the watch enough kinetic energy to actually keep the watch going, which is pretty cool. But if you decide that you want to wear a different watch and you wanna put this watch down, the power reserve of this watch is 60 hours. And if the watch were to stop moving, you can actually manually wind it from the crown to get it going again, but even putting the silix watch replica watch back on and walking with it will actually start the watch back up again, which is pretty cool. The bracelet. Moving on to the bracelet. The bracelet is all stainless steel. It's very elegant, as you can see, very sleek, nice pattern. Almost looks like one continuous bracelet besides the break with the Audemars Piguet logo right here in the middle. The clasp is a eight piece folding clasp, but I like to call it the butterfly clasp, mainly for the reasons, as you can see here, there is a button you can press up top and also an additional one on the bottom. If you press these two, you can actually pull one side of the clasp out, and you pull the other side of the clasp out. It'll have the Audemars Piguet name engraved on the side there. When you put this clasp back, you always wanna make sure you wanna do the left clasp first before you put the right clasp back on. Always make sure the one with the AP goes down second, 'cause that's what actually finishes locking it in.

And it'll slowly change into a red color to show that the power reserve is diminishing. But it's very nice to have that 72 hours as you can put it down on a Friday and still pick it up on a Monday morning and the watch would still be keeping time properly. And then you can actually just check how much power is left by using that little power reserve window. So very nice. We can also see the oscillator, as you can see. Very simple, very nice. One thing I wanna mention is that the P.9001 is just a variant of their other caliber movement the P.9000, which is an automatic caliber with several additional features. So this P.9001 has the GMT or rather a second time zone. It's indicated by that central hand which I've shown you. It has that little triangle with a little bit of that lume on it. It has the seconds reset. When you pull the crown to this final best fake rolex watches reviews position where you can set the minute hands, it resets that seconds sub-dial back to the 12 o'clock position, as I'll show you really quickly here. Bam. Pretty cool. And it also allows for that power reserve indicator that I've shown you. Okay, so let me go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist.

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